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An overview of the available options from the export menu
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When you’ve finished creating a session plan in SessionLab, you can export your work to Microsoft Word, turn it into a PDF, export a high-level overview of your single or multi-day agenda, or convert your agenda into a template for you to use regularly in the future.

Exporting to PDF - Choose from a set of presets to get the print format you need: high-level day overview, multi-day overview printout, table and full details options. You can use a set of customisation options to change font size, orientation, and hide/show different fields.

Exporting to Word - export your session to Microsoft Word where you can continue to edit it easily, as well as adjust column sizes

Attachments - choose this option to view a list of all the attachments in your session and download them as a ZIP file

Create template - turn your session into a source file which you can store in your template library. You can copy the template to edit it easily as needed

Duplicate your session - make a copy of a session plan where you’re the owner or a collaborator

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