Getting Started Guide

In this Getting Started Guide, we’ll cover everything you need to start building sessions and get the most out of SessionLab.

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The Session Planner

Learn how to use the features of the Session Planner and how to build your sessions

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How to invite collaborators to your sessions, visitor links and real-time collaboration

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Multi-day sessions

Create separate days within your session so you can design a session which spans over multiple days

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Exporting your sessions - Printouts

Export your session from the session planner in a number of different formats; as a PDF, Word document or as a template

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A workspace is where the content you create in SessionLab lives. Learn how to manage your workspaces an their information, delete and recover sessions, and more

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Library and templates

Explore SessionLab's library of facilitation methods session templates and find out how to create your own!

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Change your account settings and login information and access your invoices

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Subscription and Billing

All information you need about the different SessionLab plans and billing questions

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Data Privacy and Security

The essentials about how we protect your data at SessionLab

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