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Duplicating your session
Duplicating your session

Make an exact copy of your session from the Session Planner or from your workspace(s)

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If you’d like to make an exact copy of a session plan, use the ‘Duplicate this session’ option in the export menu in the Session Planner to create a copy.

Duplicate session from session planner

Alternatively, you can duplicate a session from a workspace view, by clicking on the three vertical dots on the session card, and choosing 'Duplicate'.

Duplicate session from workspace

When duplicating a session, you will be able to choose if you would like to immediately share it with the collaborators added to the original session. In this pop up you will also be able to change the name of the duplicated session.

Making a duplicate of a session will copy everything across including attachments and comments. When you copy a session, the duplicate will be added to the same workspace where the original session is located. The session will also be shared with the collaborators of the original session, if you choose so in the pop-up during duplication.

However, you can easily move your sessions between your workspaces.

You must be the owner of a session or invited as a collaborator with viewer or editor rights in order to copy a session. All members of a workspace are able to duplicate sessions in their workspace too. However, if you’ve only been sent the visitor link to a session, then you’ll be unable to duplicate the session.

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