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Copy the start times and block titles of your agenda into any app which supports structured text format

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If you'd like to copy a high level outline of your session and paste it into other software, then the 'Copy to clipboard' will be very useful for you.

This is ideal if you're looking to:

  • Show a table view of your agenda in Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

  • Paste into online whiteboards, with each agenda item appearing as a sticky note

  • Insert the agenda into emails and calendar invites

To copy your session to the clipboard, you should navigate to the session's export menu, and choose the 'Copy to clipboard' option.

The start times and block titles of your agenda will be copied, ready to be pasted into any app which supports structured text format.

Once you paste the content (which will look like the example below) you'll be able to manually adjust the content and resize the columns / rows if you wish.

Day 1 - Map & Sketch


Introduce the Design Sprint 2.0


Expert interviews & "How Might We...? notes


Organize HMW notes


Vote on HMWs


Coffee Break

At the moment, the information in the description and Additional Information fields will not be included in your copied text; however if you find this would be useful to you, please let our Team know by reaching out to us at

A walkthrough of the Copy to Clipboard function

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