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Creating a template from your session
Creating a template from your session

Kick-start your session preparations and start with a full design instead of a blank canvas

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Templates are a source session which needs to be copied before being modified, meaning you’ll be able to maintain the source template for future use. You’ll find a collection of public templates in the template library and you can also create your own templates so you can reuse and modify them for future sessions.

Template creation is only available on a paid SessionLab plan, or when you’re in the trial period of the Pro plan. You just need to open the session plan that you want to turn into a template, and under the Export option, choose the ‘Create template’ option. This will create a new instance of your session which will behave as a template from then on. The original source will stay as a regular session at your disposal.

Once you’ve created your template, the template owner is able to edit it and add a template cover image.

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