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How can I edit a template and change its cover image?
How can I edit a template and change its cover image?

Make changes to your template and choose / upload a template cover image

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When a template is created, you can only edit it after enabling the editing mode. This is a significant difference between regular sessions and templates. Regular sessions can easily be edited anytime, while for templates we wanted to prevent accidental editing.

Only template owners (the user who created the template) can edit a template. Click on the Edit icon next to the Copy button in your template session, and you are able to edit it.

If you’d like to edit the template’s cover image, once you’ve enabled editing mode, hover your cursor over the cover image area and click on the ‘Set cover’ button. You’ll be able to search for and choose a license-free cover image from Unsplash.

If you’d prefer to use a custom image, choose the ‘Upload’ tab on the pop up screen and click on ‘Choose image’ to upload a file to be used as a cover image. Once the file has been uploaded, click ‘Set as cover’.

How do I save a template with a different file name?

When you convert a session plan into a template, then the template will take the same file name as the session plan. Therefore, if you'd like to change the name of it, then you should re-name your session before converting it.

However, if you've already created your template then we can change the name for you. Just get in touch and let us know the current name of the template and what you'd like to change it to.

How can I contribute to the public template library?

You can also have your own session templates featured in the public library. If you want to contribute, please write to us at and share the link of your session that you want to publish. We will help you with the rest!

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