Exporting to Word

Export your session to MS Word for further editing or printing

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There is also an option to export your session into an editable Word format, if you’re on a Pro or Business plan, or in the trial period of a Pro / Business plan. Exporting to Word is available from the session plan by clicking on the Export button and selecting the ‘As Word’ option.

Exporting to Word issues

If you export your session into MS Word format, and upon opening the exported file you see the error message ‘Word experienced an error trying to open the file’ then it’s likely that your session contains some unsupported characters or spacing which are causing the export to be unsuccessful. This is a known bug and we’re gradually eliminating the various edge cases that cause it, however very rarely you may run into this issue.

Word export issue message

If so, please email us with the name of your session or session URL. We will get back to you (usually within a few business hours) with the root cause fixed in your session so you can then export properly into Word format.

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