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Export your agenda to Powerpoint

Easily create a slide deck based on your agenda

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You can now export your session to PowerPoint, and save time if you want to use your session agenda as a structure for a PowerPoint presentation about your session.

You can use your exported file as a starting point for creating a participant-facing slide deck, or perhaps merge and hide these exported slides into an existing slide deck, therefore keeping them as a reference for yourself.

How do I export to PowerPoint?

Simply click on the ‘As PowerPoint’ option under the Export menu:

On the pop-up screen, you’ll now see two options under the Preset menu; ‘Overview’ and ‘Details’.

Choosing the ‘Details’ preset will allow you to export all your session’s content to PowerPoint format, with a different slide for each block in your agenda.

You’ll have control over what is visible on your export:

  • Choose to export all the days in your session, or just one of them

  • Select whether each Group in your session should appear on a separate slide, or the Day names

  • Pick what to show in the speaker notes section of your export from the list.

Your file will then be downloaded to your computer. Click on this file to open it up in PowerPoint or Google Slides. Please note, our exports currently do not open in Mac's Keynote program

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When you open the file in PowerPoint or Google Slides, you’ll find a title slide with the name of the session, as well as one slide for each block or group in your agenda. Each slide will include the title and description, and the rest of the block details (including timing and additional information) will be in the notes section of the slide.

Exporting an overview to PowerPoint

Head to the Export menu from any session you’re an owner or collaborator on, and choose the ‘As PowerPoint’ option.

Choose the ‘Overview’ option, select the days (or all days) you wish to include and click on ‘Export PPT’.

You’ll then have a PowerPoint export showing a high-level overview of your agenda, including the titles of the blocks, their category colours and timing, but with no further information from the other columns in your plan.

If you’re also looking to insert a table overview into your agenda into a slide deck, then the Copy to clipboard feature will be the ideal solution for this.

This new export option is a BETA version which we’re keen to share with you for your initial feedback.

Does the export include the content you want it to? Would you like a different output in PowerPoint, or perhaps a different exporting option altogether?

We’d love to hear, so drop us a line at

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