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Export to PDF and customizations

Choose to show and hide information, change your logo, paper and font size, and orientation

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To export your session to PDF, you can choose the ‘Print / PDF’ option from the Export menu within your session, before choosing some customization options for your export. You can also use this option to export an overview of all the days of a multi-day session, or a single day.

Alternatively, you can also initiate the PDF export from your dashboard:

Print presets

Users on the free plan will only be able to export using one preset - the Agenda & Details print preset, however users on other paid plans will have access to all the PDF export options.

In the Print Preview Screen of the Print/PDF option, the drop-down menu under ‘Preset’ will give you four different choices of how to export your session, depending on the level of detail you would like:

  • Day Overview

  • Multi-Day Overview

  • Agenda & Details

  • Details

Day Overview

Day Overview print preset

This preset will give you a high-level overview of your session, perfect for sharing with clients or participants that do not need all the details.

This Day Overview contains just the timing, color coding and block titles of your agenda, with the ability to add/remove the color coding category legend and the list of materials from the PDF export.

Multi-Day Overview print preset

The Multi-Day Overview will show you a high level overview of all the days in your session. This is an ideal way to show a summary of all the blocks in your multi-day session.

Read more here about how to change the font size, show or remove the colour categories and the legend and change the page orientation too.

Agenda & Details print preset

This is the only option available to users on the free, Basic plan, and it allows you to export your session in a table view - with a choice to include various sections of additional information in the export. With this export option, you can control what (if anything) is shown in the right column, giving you greater control over your session export.

Agenda & Details print preset

The Agenda & Details export will include all the information from your session, either in the table view, or below the agenda. However, you can choose which details you'd like to be shown in your export by selecting or deselecting the various options.

Details print preset

The Details print option will allow you to just export the details of your session, without the table view of your session.

You can choose whether to show all the days of a multi-day session, or just a particular day, as well as toggle on or off a number of optional fields, such as Block Categories, List of Materials, Instructions, Additional Information and Goals.

How can I customize the PDF printout?

There are several options to customise how your export will look. Firstly, choose to export your session by selecting the ‘Agenda & Details’ option from the preset menu:

Agenda & Details’ option

Adjust font size, paper size or orientation

Choosing from the different options on the right side, you’re able to:

  • Choose your font-size between small, normal and large.

  • Switch the paper size and choose between A4, US Legal and US Letter

  • Change the orientation of your page to landscape or portrait

Your choices will be stored for the next time you export your session in the same way, therefore you won’t need to change these settings each time you export / print your sessions.

Can I export the agenda and details for just one day of a multi-day session?

If you’re working on a multi-day session and you’d just like to export the agenda and details for one of the days, you can choose which day you’d like this export for from the ‘Days’ drop down menu.

As above, you’ll also be able to choose the page orientation, font size and paper size.

Show or hide the color categories, or the list of materials

Under the ‘Display Options’ header, you’re able to toggle on and off some extra settings, depending on what you’d like show on your printout:

  • Unchecking the block categories box will remove both the colour categories which appear to the left of the table view of your session, as well as the categories legend which appears at the top of each day of your session

  • Alternatively, you can choose to remove just the categories legend, but to keep the colour categories on the table view of your session

  • The materials which you’ve added for your session blocks will be included as a list under each day of your agenda. You can remove this by unchecking the ‘materials’ box.


Can I customize the columns in my export?

The third column in your PDF export is optional; you can choose which information you’d like to be displayed there, or whether you’d like to show it at all.

You can choose to show your blocks’ Additional Information, or the Goals or Materials which you included within the Session Planner.

If you would like more space for your Description column, you may like to choose ‘none’ to remove the third column altogether.

Add or remove columns

Include or exclude additional details on your export

Below the table view of your session in the export, you’ll see day-specific information, as well as any instructions you’ve added. You’ll also see breaks and lunches highlighted.

  • Choosing ‘None’ under the Details menu will remove the instructions from underneath the session table, as well as any lunch or break blocks

  • Selecting ‘Compact’ will remove any breaks from your session

  • Choosing ‘Full’ will show the instructions, day-specific information and the session’s breaks

Can I export just the session details, and not the agenda in the table view?

By selecting just ‘Details’ under the Preset menu, you’re able to export your session without the agenda appearing on the printout. You can also choose to display or hide certain information such as: Block Categories, List of Materials, Instructions, Additional Information, Goals, Notes or Facilitators.

export just the session details

Including your Notes in your PDF export

By selecting either the ‘Agenda & Details’ or the ‘Details’ option under the Preset menu, you will now be able to export your session with your Notes included.

Simply tick the Show Notes box at the bottom of the options before exporting your PDF in order to include your Notes in your PDF export.

If you choose this option, then your notes will be included on the PDF export of your agenda:

Including page numbers in your PDF export

By selecting any option under the Preset menu, you will now be able to add page numbers to your PDF export.

Simply tick the Page numbers box at the bottom of the options before exporting your PDF.

Once you save your PDF or print it out, you will see page numbers in the bottom right corner on every page of your file.

How can I change the orientation of the PDF printout from portrait to landscape?

When you create a PDF printout (clicking on Export -> PDF/Printout within your session plan), then you can choose between the ‘Save as PDF’ and the ‘Print’ options in the upper right corner of the printout view. If you click on ‘Print’, you will be able to further customise your printout and save your changes to a PDF.

Once you are in the printing view, there you can change the orientation between Landscape / Portrait format and save as PDF.

Orientation of the PDF printout

What is the yellow highlighting on my PDF export? Can I change it?

This is an old design legacy feature that is on our roadmap to be redesigned.

The 4th category in the list of color categories in the Session Planner (which is by default reserved for 'break') has a fixed yellow highlight color on the PDF printout. However, when you modify your categories and change the category that was in this position, the highlighting is still carried through.

If you'd prefer not to have this highlighting, you may delete the category in this position, and it will remove the yellow highlighting from the session export.

Then, you may re-add the category (and re-add the color categorization to your blocks) and you'll see the yellow highlighting will disappear.

Yellow highlighting on my PDF export

How can I adjust the page breaks in my PDF export?

Sometimes, when exporting a session with long blocks, you might notice large empty spaces (page breaks) on your export and/or the content of your blocks flowing over the next page's header.

This article contains a workaround to resolve this issue.

How to fix the title pages overlapping on the export?

The workaround in the previous heading will help you with this issue as well.

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