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Features of the Business subscription and how to upgrade

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If you'd like to use SessionLab with your team but with an enhanced security login option and multiple workspaces to control session access-rights, then the Business plan is for you.

The Business plan allows you to create additional workspaces, so you can separate your content into access right groups. If you have different departments in your company and you don’t want every colleague to see everyone else’s sessions, then you can structure your teams into separate workspaces, and your users will only see the sessions on the workspaces they are invited to.

The Business plan will also allow your team members to create their own additional workspaces, and invite others to it if they wish. If they choose not to invite others to it, they can use this additional workspace as a ‘private’ workspace to store draft sessions, or agendas which the rest of the team don’t need visibility of.

The Business plan also allows you to set up a custom SSO login, which reduces the risk associated with simple or regularly used passwords. You can find out more about this here.

On the Business plan you can choose between payment by card or bank transfer. The latter option is only available for annually billed accounts with a minimum seat count of 5 users.

Additional upcoming features on the Business plan:

Multi-factor authentication (the ability to turn on mandatory MFA for your team members) is an additional upcoming feature of the Business plan. If you’d like to discuss enabling the beta version on your account, please get in touch.

Upgrading to Business Plan from a Basic account

If you’re on a free (Basic) plan and would like to upgrade to the Business plan by card, then you can do so through your Billing page, accessible from your Account settings.

When you upgrade, you’ll choose the number of seats you’d like to include in your subscription.

If you would like to pay by invoice (available for workspaces of 5 seats or greater), then please get in touch with for assistance.

Each member of your workspace will be able to create and share sessions as well as access all the Pro features on your workspace.

Upgrading to Business Plan from a Pro account

If you’re on a monthly or annual Pro plan and would like to upgrade to the Business plan, then you can do so through your Billing page, accessible from your Account settings.

The outstanding amount of your Pro subscription will be applied towards your Business upgrade.

Downgrading from the Business Plan to a Basic account

You can cancel your Business plan in the billing section of your account page. If you cancel your plan, you will continue to have your workspace rights until the end of your current billing cycle, and then your workspaces will revert to the free Basic plan with a limit of 10 active session plans, one workspace, and no collaboration possibilities.

You’ll be asked to type your reason for cancelling your subscription, and your subscription will be cancelled once you click on the ‘Cancel Business subscription’ button. You’ll continue to have access to the paid features of SessionLab until your paid period ends.

Any sessions you created and shared with collaborators will no longer be visible to those users, and any members of your workspace will retain view-only rights to the sessions in your shared workspace.

Your sessions will have become locked, and if you re-upgrade to the Business plan, all your locked sessions will automatically become unlocked, all your workspaces will be available and your sessions will be shareable again.

Downgrading from the Business Plan to the Pro Plan

If you would like to downgrade your subscription and switch to the Pro Plan, then you would need to go through the same cancellation process as if you would like to cancel your plan entirely. You can do this in the billing section of your account page.

After cancelling the Business Plan, you will be able to re-upgrade to the Pro Plan on the billing page of your workspace. Please note that you will first need to choose which workspace you would like to re-upgrade, as the Pro Plan allows you to have only one.

The outstanding amount of your Business subscription will be applied toward your Pro subscription.

What happens if your team members had workspaces prior to being added to your Business workspace, or a paid account?

When you upgrade to the Business subscription, our support team will endeavor to add any existing team members' existing workspaces to your Business subscription, and cancel any members' paid workspaces.

However, if you add members to your team ad-hoc during your subscription, additional workspaces will not be added to your Business account and existing paid subscriptions will not automatically be cancelled.

In such cases, please reach out to us at and let us know if you need a workspace added to your Business subscription or an existing member's subscription cancelled and we'll be happy to do so.

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