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How to make your workspace discoverable
How to make your workspace discoverable

Allow your colleagues to find your SessionLab workspace

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If you would like to make it easier for your colleagues to join your team in SessionLab, you can now enable your workspace to be discoverable. Then when a colleague from one of your whitelisted domains creates their SessionLab account, they can request access to your workspace.

For example, here it is specified that users from the domain should be able to request to join ‘My team’s workspace’ upon creating their SessionLab account. (If you leave the Team domains field empty, then your workspace is not discoverable)

When someone from that domain signs up to SessionLab, they will create their own workspace and they’ll also see the below screen - asking whether they would like to request to join the existing workspace:

If the user requests access to the team workspace, an email notification will be sent to the team owner, requesting permission for the user to join the team.

If you approve the request, then the requestor user will be able to join your workspace.

This option can be turned on at the moment you create a new workspace, by selecting the option to allow anyone with your domain to request access to the space.

If you are looking for a way to give access to your workspace to your colleagues, you can also choose to use the Workspace Invitation link. Enable and share this link within your internal Slack/wiki/intranet and anyone from your team can join your workspace.

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