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Session limit - How to unlock your sessions after downgrading
Session limit - How to unlock your sessions after downgrading

How to unlock your locked sessions and continue working on them after your Pro trial period expires, or after you downgrade.

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The free Basic plan of SessionLab allows you to have a maximum of 10 active sessions on your workspace. When your workspace is on a paid plan - or on a trial of that - you may create an unlimited number of sessions.

Therefore, if you have more than 10 sessions in your workspace when its Pro trial period expires, or when you downgrade it from Pro or Business to Basic, we give you a decision point about which sessions to keep active. Your sessions become temporarily locked and you will be notified upon next logging in to select up to 10 sessions to unlock and continue working on in your account. If you can't find your sessions in your workspace, you should check the locked sessions view.

*Important: Unlocking sessions can only be performed by the Owner of the workspace, which is the user who initially created the workspace.

If you are not the Owner of the workspace, then you need to contact the workspace’s Owner to unlock any sessions.

You can find your locked sessions in your locked sessions view.

In this view, you may select up to 10 sessions by clicking on the sessions you’d like to continue having access to, and then clicking on the “Select sessions to unlock” button.

After you have unlocked a session, you cannot undo this action - there is no option to swap a locked session for an unlocked one.

The remaining sessions of the workspace are automatically unlocked when you upgrade to a paid plan, or when you reduce the number of sessions in your workspace to fewer than 10.

Please note that each day of a multi-day session counts as one of your session allowances. So for instance, a 4-day multi-day session will count as 4 sessions towards the limit.

In case you have fewer than 10 sessions on your workspace when you downgrade, you will simply continue having access to all your sessions without needing to unlock them.

Please note that downgrading your workspace from a paid plan to a free plan also results in your session collaborators losing access to the sessions you shared with them.

Similarly, when you upgrade your workspace next time, all your previous session collaborators will automatically regain access to the sessions you invited them to.

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