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How do I set up an SSO login?
How do I set up an SSO login?

Learn which information we need to progress with an SSO setup

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With an SSO login option, users only need to remember a single password for all their applications. They are also less likely to reuse passwords or write them down, which reduces the risk associated with simple or regularly used passwords.

SSO is available on Business plans beginning at 5 seats and can only be set up once your account is created. Once this is done, the first step on our side would be for to pass some initial data to our Technical team.

They would need to know:

  • what protocol for SSO you’d require

  • what identity provider you are using

  • whether or not you would like your SSO access to be linked to your domain or not

If the SSO is not tied to a domain, then users that are added to the team can (but don’t need to) use SSO.

Alternatively, you have the option to turn on the Domain capture feature if using SSO.

With this option, users from your chosen domain will be automatically added to an existing workspace (thus growing your workspace's seat count) and wouldn’t be able to create a separate SessionLab account, so long as they sign up from that domain.

If you have any questions about the SSO setup process, please get in touch with the support team, who will be happy to assist.

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