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Whether you work as a freelancer and want to collaborate with your clients on designing a workshop, or whether you’re part of a team who’d utilise a shared workspace and library of resources, there’s a SessionLab plan suitable for you.


This is our free plan that you can use without any time limitation that allows you to use the Session Planner in SessionLab to design workshops. The free plan has some feature limitations in comparison to the paid plans: most notably it has a limit of maximum 10 sessions and no collaboration options. The Basic plan will also grant you access to our public library of facilitation resources and workshop templates.

You may have multiple members on a Basic workspace, however only the Owner of the workspace is able to create and edit the session on a Basic workspace. Other workspace members can-have view-only access.

The Owner of a workspace is the user who initially created the workspace.

When you upgrade a Basic workspace to a Pro plan, all view-only members automatically become regular workspace members.


The Pro plan is an ideal option for individuals and teams who’d like to collaborate on designing sessions. Using a Pro plan will allow you to invite anyone else to co-edit or view your sessions on your Pro workspace, without your session collaborators needing a paid subscription.

You can also invite your colleagues as members to your workspace, which gives you the following benefits:

  • All members of your Pro workspace will be able to create and share sessions with anyone else

  • You get to have a shared knowledge base with your team members: access and search in all sessions on your workspace, and have shared templates and a library of workshop activities with your team.

Payment for the Pro plan is only available via card.

Handling purchase orders, invoices and payment via bank transfer is available for the annual business plans, starting from a minimum account size of 5 seats.


If you'd like to use SessionLab with your team but with enhanced security and access right controls setup then the Business plan is for you.

The Business plan allows you to create additional workspaces, so you can separate your content into access right groups. If you have different departments in your company and you don’t want every colleague to see everyone else’s sessions, then you can structure your teams into separate workspaces, and your users will only see the sessions on the workspaces they are invited to.

The Business plan also allows you to set up a custom SSO login, which you can find out more about here.

Additional upcoming features on the Business plan:

  • Multi-factor authentication: Ability to turn on mandatory MFA for your team members

  • Private sessions: As a user you can hide sessions on shared workspaces from other team members, to make these sessions only visible to yourself. This may be useful if you want to hide a session in early draft states, or if you have certain sessions with sensitive content and you don’t want to create an additional workspace for them.

In case you want early access to either of the planned features above, please get in touch with us at

On the Business plan you can choose between payment by card or bank transfer. The latter option is only available for annually billed accounts with a minimum seat count of 5 users.


If you want to scale workshop design across your organization, then the Enterprise plan is a great choice for a custom setup supporting your own structure.

This plan has all the benefits of the Business plan, and additionally includes the following options:

  • Flexible licensing program: Scale risk-free within your organization

  • Advanced security and administrative controls

  • Undertaking customer security assessments and vendor intake processes

  • Export format customizations

  • Importing existing workshop agendas into SessionLab

  • Customized onboarding and training program

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more. You can see more information about the different plan types on our pricing page.

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