Whether you work as a freelancer and want to collaborate with your client on designing a workshop, or whether you’re part of a team who’d utilise a shared team workspace and library of resources, there’s a SessionLab plan suitable for you.


This is our free plan that you can use without any time limitation that allows you to use the Session Planner in SessionLab to design workshops. The free plan has some feature limitations in comparison to the paid plans: most notably it has a limit of maximum 10 sessions and no collaboration options. The Basic plan will also grant you access to our public library of facilitation resources and workshop templates.


The Pro plan is an ideal option for individuals who’d like to collaborate on designing sessions. Using a Pro plan will allow you to invite anyone else to co-edit or view your sessions, without your collaborators needing a paid subscription. Payment is only available via card.


With a Team plan, you’ll have access to a shared workspace with your colleagues which is useful for groups of co-workers who would all like to design sessions and have them visible to the wider team in the shared workspace by default. The Team plan also includes team session templates and a private team library which allows your team to create a catalogue of team activities and agendas to re-use in the future.

Plus, the Team plan will provide all your team members with full Pro user rights, so your team members may invite anyone else to collaborate on specific sessions. Payment is only available via card.


If you'd like to use SessionLab with your team but with an enhanced login / security setup via an SSO login, then the Business plan is for you.

This plan allows you to choose between payment by card or bank transfer (annually billed accounts only) as well as giving you priority access to support for when you need assistance


Working with multiple teams is simple with the Enterprise plan, as this subscription allows for multiple team workspaces and libraries, and an SSO login option.

This plan has all the benefits of the Business subscription (including an option to pay by invoice) and can be customised; please get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more.

You can see more information about the different plan types on our pricing page.

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