Upgrading to the Pro plan

If you’re on a Basic plan or in the trial period of the Pro plan, then you can upgrade to the Pro plan in the subscription section of your account page. If you’re currently in the trial period of a Pro plan, you won’t be billed until your trial period has finished.

Upgrading to the Team plan

If you are using the free Basic plan or you're on the Pro plan and would like to upgrade to the SessionLab Team plan, then you should first create a trial team workspace. After creating your team, you’ll be able to add members and enter your payment details in the ‘Account and Billing’ section of your Team’s settings. However, you won’t be charged until after your Team trial period has expired.

If you'd like to upgrade to the Team plan but you're currently on a Pro plan, first you should cancel your Pro subscription in your account settings and then create a trial team and upgrade your team account.

You're able to pay in US Dollars ($) or Euros (€) for your plan, and you'll be asked to enter a VAT ID on the payment page. European users with no VAT ID will be billed the VAT rate of their respective country.

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