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How to upgrade to the Pro or Business plan

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Upgrading to the Pro or Business plan, adding and removing seats

If you’re on a Basic plan or in the trial period of the Pro plan, then you can upgrade your workspace in the billing section of your account page. If you’re currently in the trial period of a Pro plan, you won’t be billed until your trial period has finished.

When you upgrade, you’ll choose the number of seats you’d like to include in your subscription.

Each member of your workspace will be able to create and share sessions as well as access all the Pro features on your workspace.

How many seats do I need?

If you want someone to be able to access all your sessions AND be able to create and share sessions on your workspace, then you need to have a paid seat for that user on your workspace.

Members of your workspace will also have access to the shared templates and facilitation library of your workspace.

If you only want to invite someone to collaborate with you on a specific session, then you do not need to add them to your workspace as a member. You can simply invite them to as editor or viewer on that specific session.

Adding seats

If you want to add more members to your workspace, and you have already used the number paid seats you subscribed for, then you first need to add extra seats to your subscription, before being able to add more members.

You can add extra seats at the Billing page at your account settings. When you add an extra seat, it will result in a pro-rated charge for the extra seat(s) for the remainder of time left in your current billing cycle. And starting from your next billing cycle, your subscription price will be increase with the price of the extra seat.

Removing seats

Currently, we haven’t yet added the functionality on your Billing page to remove paid seats from your workspace. If you’d like to remove seats, please get in touch over email or our support chat, and specify the number of seats you would like to remove from your subscription, so we can promptly adjust your subscription accordingly

Please also make sure that you have already removed the members you don’t need anymore, as the seat count of your subscription cannot go lower than the number of members you have on your workspace.

Upgrading to the Business plan

You can upgrade to the Business subscription in the billing section of your account page. Read more here on the features of the Business plan, and how to upgrade to that subscription.

Upgrading multiple workspaces

When you upgrade a workspace, you only upgrade that specific workspace, and the rest of the workspaces you have access to will remain unaffected.

Consequently, when you upgrade a workspace to a Pro plan, it will give Pro rights for members on all the sessions of the workspace.

If you want to have multiple paid workspaces, then you have two options:

  1. Upgrade to a Business plan: this allows you and your teammates to have an unlimited number of workspaces with the full Business functionality (including Pro). When you have a Business plan, you can simply create a new workspace, and it will automatically become active.

  2. If you don’t have a Business plan, you may create and upgrade additional workspaces. Each workspace will then be a new, separate billing entity.

If you have previously already created a workspace for yourself - in other words, if you have already been through a Pro trial - then you need to upgrade that new workspace upon creating it.

Whereas if you have not yet created your own workspace (for instance, because you joined SessionLab as you were invited to someone else’s workspace), then you will still be able to create a workspace. In this case, your workspace will automatically begin a 15-day Pro trial, and you can upgrade it anytime during your trial period, or after that.

When you have multiple workspaces available on your account, you can select which workspace you want to administer using the dropdown menu on the top right of the Home screen

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