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How to invite collaborators to your sessions
How to invite collaborators to your sessions

Learn how to invite colleagues and clients to collaborate on your sessions

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One of the reasons we created SessionLab was to make collaboration easier when designing workshops. Within the app, you’re able to invite your colleagues or co-facilitators to work on an agenda with you in real-time, as well as share a session plan with a client without needing them to create a SessionLab account.

SessionLab allows you to share your session plans with other users if you are on a paid subscription (Pro or Business) or in the trial period of a paid subscription. There is no limit to the number of collaborators you can invite to your sessions.

There are 4 ways to share a session plan, depending on what you want to achieve:

  • Invite a collaborator with editor rights – if you want to work together and co-edit the session plan

  • Invite a collaborator with viewer rights – if you want to get feedback (comments) on a session plan

  • Create a visitor link – if you want to share a session plan with people who would prefer not to create a SessionLab account

  • Sessions accessible on a shared workspace – having a session in a shared workspace allows your workspace members to find and reuse content from your sessions

Inviting collaborators

You can invite a collaborator to work on your session plans either in the Session Planner tool, or directly from the session’s card on your workspace.

Adding a collaborator from within the session planner

Adding a collaborator directly from your workspace

Adding a collaborator directly from your homepage

In order to find the user you want to invite, just type their name or email address in the invitation bar. If the person already has a SessionLab account and you’ve invited them to collaborate on a session previously, then their name will automatically appear in the list when you begin to type their name. If you haven’t invited them previously, then you will need to type their full email address before their name appears in the drop-down list. When you invite people to a session plan, they will receive an email notification with the link to the session.

If the person you want to invite does not already have a SessionLab account, you can similarly add their email address to the list of collaborators of your session and hit the Invite button. Then you can customise the invitation and send it by hitting the ‘Send’ button. They will receive an email notification and will need to sign up to SessionLab to access the plan. They will be able to see the plan you shared with them even if they only have a free, Basic account.

If you do not see the option to add a collaborator it is likely because you have a free, Basic account or you are not the owner of the session and have been invited as a collaborator yourself (either as a viewer or an editor).

You can see an overview of collaborators you’ve invited to one or more sessions on your workspace in the Guest list of your workspace.

Here you will be able to see an overview of how many sessions you’ve invited each collaborator to, remove collaborators from all sessions or invite them to your team as members.

Viewer and editor rights

When you invite a collaborator, you will need to decide whether you want to assign viewer or editor rights to the user.

With viewer rights, your collaborator can view the session but cannot edit the session plan; they can only add comments. Out of all the information in the session, everything except the Notes tab is visible to a viewer.

If you want to co-edit a session with your collaborator, you may assign editor rights. With editor rights, your collaborator can modify any part of the session and you are able to work real-time together on the session plan.

In either case, your collaborators do not need to have a paid subscription. The only condition to invite collaborators is that the owner (creator) of the session must have the right to share sessions (i.e. being on a Pro or Business subscription, or in the trial period of a paid subscription); the invited collaborators may even be using the free Basic version. As long as the session owner is on a Pro or Business subscription, the shared session will be accessible to all invited collaborators.

Sending a link to a specific block in your agenda

If you would like to direct a collaborator's attention to a specific block in your planner, you can get a direct link to that block by clicking on it in the Mini-map on the left side. After you've clicked on the block in the Mini-map, you should then copy and send the URL from the address bar to your collaborator.

Please note that in order to open the session, the individual would need to first be invited as a collaborator to this session.

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