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Share a simple online overview of your agenda
Share a simple online overview of your agenda

Share a high-level outline of your session plan, accessible via a link or a QR code

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If you’d like to share a high-level outline of your agenda with your client or session participants, but without all your facilitation notes included, then sharing a link to the online agenda will help you to do that without needing to customise and download PDF or Word printouts.

Editing and commenting is disabled on the Online Agenda, so this is a great way to share an overview of your session with an audience who you do not wish to comment on the plan.

This option is available on all paid plans, including the Individual plan.

To share a simple session overview:

  1. Click "Share" at the top of your session

  2. Select the option "Online Agenda"

  3. Click on the "Create Online Agenda" button to create the link for your session

You can then copy the link and share it with your client or session participants. You’ll also notice that we’ve added a QR code to this screen, so you can easily share the agenda in front of a live audience!

Anyone with the link will then be able to view your agenda without needing to sign in to SessionLab, and they will see the timing, categories and titles of your session blocks. They will not have any editor rights to make changes to the session outline.

If I make changes to the agenda, will it automatically update for everyone?

If you edit your session plan, any user with the link will need to refresh their screen in order to see the updated agenda.

Will anyone with the Online Agenda link be able to comment on the agenda?

The audience you share the link with will not be able to comment on your session plan. If you would like to enable this, you can either invite that user to the session as a collaborator, or share the Visitor Link with them.

As always, if you have any feedback on the Online Agenda, or for anything else you’d love to see in SessionLab, please reach out to our support team.

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