There might be a situation when you want to share your session with someone who may not want to sign up to create their own SessionLab account in order to view the session. In this case, you can create a Visitor link: this allows the session to be shared with people without having them create an account or log in to SessionLab.

Once you navigate to the ‘share’ button at the top of the Session Planner, you’ll see the shareable link option on the second tab of the pop-up screen. You can click on the 'Create visitor link' button to create a visitor link, which you can share. You are able to deactivate the link by clicking on the 'Disable visitor link' too. The specific session link will always remain the same and but in this manner you are able to control your session’s visibility.

Collaborators with the visitor link will be able to open and view the session including all its details and description. However, since they are not logged in, they are not able to make comments.

When you create a visitor link to your session, then the session does not become searchable publicly over the internet. The session can only be opened if someone has the link you created.

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