Learning to collaborate using SessionLab, and effectively co-create and work together on your sessions.

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How to collaborate using SessionLab

SessionLab is designed for collaboration. Whether you’re co-creating a session with colleagues or a facilitator collaborating with a client, you can easily and effectively work together using SessionLab.

If you are on a Pro plan, or in a trial period of this plan you can invite a collaborator to any session you create.

Want a client to view and add comments on a session? Invite them with viewer rights. Working on a session with a co-facilitator or colleague? Invite them with editing rights so they can make changes and contribute to the design. You can learn more about viewer or editor rights here.

You can also create a Visitor link if you want to share a session with clients or participants who do not have a SessionLab account. They’ll be able to open and view all the details of the session, though they will be unable to leave comments.

Additionally, visitors will be unable to edit the session or add, edit or move blocks.

When you invite someone to collaborate on a session, you’re granting access only to that specific session and can change these at any time. You have complete control over viewing and editing privileges for everyone you invite and collaborate in the way that suits you!

When you invite people to a session, they will receive an email notification with the link to the session and a prompt to create an account if they don’t yet have one.

Note that any collaborators you invite can be on the Basic plan and can both view and edit your session without needing to upgrade to the Pro plan. Bonus!

Real-time collaboration

SessionLab allows you to work together on sessions with your collaborators simultaneously and complete a session together in real-time. You can leave notes, edit blocks, and update your agenda and those changes are visible immediately for everyone else in the session.

Co-creation is at its best when you’re working towards a common goal and can collaborate instantaneously. With SessionLab, you can share ideas for icebreaker games, comment on session design and move your agenda around without leaving the app!


SessionLab allows you to add and reply to comments inside a session and have a conversation with your collaborators without leaving the app.

This is useful when working asynchronously and if you want to keep all discussions relating to your session in one place. No more checking back through countless email exchanges or Slack messages!

You can either comment on a specific block or you can comment on the whole session.

Use block specific comments when discussing a particular method, activity, or section and use session comments when discussing more general items about purpose, design or goals.

By default, collaborators receive an hourly digest email of the comments made on their sessions so everyone can keep up to date and keep the collaborative process moving forward. This notification may be turned off for each user in their account settings, though it’s a good idea to stay in the loop where possible!

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