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Add and reply to comments from collaborators
Add and reply to comments from collaborators

Leave, read and respond to comments from your collaborators or workspace members

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SessionLab allows you to add comments and have a conversation with your collaborators via replying to comments. This is really useful when working asynchronously and if you want to keep all discussions relating to your session in one place.

There are two types of comments you can make: either commenting on a specific block (when you initiate the comment by clicking on the Comment icon to the right of a block) or in general on the whole session without linking the comment to a certain block.

You can also reply to a comment made on your session by clicking on the ‘reply’ button. If you’d like to make another comment on the same block, click on the ‘Create a new comment thread’ button to leave a create comment block.

By default, the collaborators you invite to a session receive an hourly digest email of the comments made on the session. This notification may be turned off for each user in their account settings.

Anyone invited to your session as a viewer or editor will be able to leave comments. Also, anyone you’ve shared the Visitor link with will also be able to comment on your session plan, and assign a name to the comments they leave.

Resolving comments

When a comment has been addressed, you might like to remove it from the comments panel by clicking on the ‘resolve’ button. The comment will no longer be visible, but if you’d like to see all the resolved comments in your session, you can click on the ‘Show Resolved’ checkbox:

Session owners, editors and viewers all have the ability to view resolved comments.

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