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How can I change my notification settings?
How can I change my notification settings?

Choose which emails to receive from SessionLab

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You can change your notification settings under ‘Notification & email settings’ on your account settings page. Here you can choose to receive only certain emails from SessionLab and you can toggle these options on or off:

  • When someone comments on a session you own or have been invited to as a collaborator

  • When someone comments on the library content you created or had previously commented on yourself

  • When you’re added to a workspace

  • When you’re invited to a session as a collaborator

  • When someone you invited to SessionLab creates an account

You can also choose whether you want to receive other communication from SessionLab such as:

  • Updates on your account status such as trial expiration reminders

  • Getting started resources

  • A monthly library newsletter with a focus on facilitation techniques curated from the SessionLab library

  • Our Delivery Matters blog full of articles related to facilitation and training

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