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Real-time collaboration
Real-time collaboration

Work on a session at the same time as your collaborators and tell if someone is editing the same block as you are

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SessionLab allows you and your collaborators to work together on sessions simultaneously. There are a few useful features which will let you know if your collaborators are also viewing or editing the session and thus to prevent two or more collaborators overwriting one another’s work by editing the same block at the same time.

Firstly, in the header of the right hand side panel, you'll see a row of all your collaborators’ images. Whenever a collaborator is viewing the session, the image will have a green edge. If you hover your cursor over your collaborators, it will show you their name and online status:

When your image and your collaborator’s image have a green edge, it means that both you and your collaborator are online and currently have the same session open.

Furthermore, if your collaborators are editing any blocks of the session, their thumbnail image will appear next to the specific block they are currently typing in:

Please note that real time collaboration is currently not supported when you and your colleagues work together on the same block at the same time. You’ll find that the text you enter in a block may become overwritten and your cursor will constantly jump to the beginning of the block. We are looking to address this limitation in the future.

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