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What is a template?

A template is a complete session that can be shared, copied, reused, and edited for your needs. Think of a template as an agenda for a workshop or meeting you want to save and reuse later.

In addition to full sessions, you might have a structural template that includes fixed breaks and start and end times to serve as a skeleton for future meetings. You might also have a collection of the best versions of certain sessions you’ll use again and again.

If you’re running a series of workshops or monthly meetings with slight variations, creating a reusable template can help make this process quick and easy.

Your template library

If you’re looking for a way to kick-start your process or want to start with a complete agenda instead of a blank canvas, you’ll find a collection of public templates that have been designed by expert facilitators in the template section of your workspace. Here, you’ll see templates organized into public, private, and team workspaces. You can sort your templates by tag, duration, recently updated and more or search for a specific template too.

Once you’ve found a template you want to use or take a closer look at, click View Template. You can browse the template, view the various blocks and activities, and read the Session Info tab in the right-hand sidebar to see if it’s right for your needs.

To use a template, you can create a new session based on the template. This will create a new session in your chosen workspace and allow you to modify the existing template. Drag & drop content wherever you like, change timings, or cut what you don’t need!

Copy template

While templates are designed so you can run them out of the box, tailoring them to your needs can help ensure your session is a success.

SessionLab is built for flexibility and customization: add methods you know will work with your team or adjust the timing to fit into an existing schedule!

Creating templates

On a SessionLab Pro or Business plan, you can create templates from any existing session. You can use your templates as the basis of a series of workshops or meetings, or share them with collaborators and team members.

You can choose the workspace you’d like that template to appear in and this will create a new instance of your session as a template that’s ready to share and reuse as you see fit. The original session will stay intact, so don’t worry about losing anything!

Once your template has been created, you and any teammates can then use it as the basis for future sessions with ease.

If you create a template from a session in your Team workspace, that template will be accessible to you and any of your team members.One of the benefits of having a Team workspace is being able to create a shared set of templates that everyone in your team can use to speed up and improve their workflow.

Editing and sharing templates

One of the benefits of creating a template is that you have a reusable session that can be copied, edited, and modified for various purposes while maintaining the original.

If you want to make changes to your template, the template creator can still edit the template. Any edits will be reflected in the template immediately and so any team members or collaborators you’ve shared the template with will see the changes right away.

Sharing sessions and templates is a big part of enabling better co-creation in SessionLab. If you want to share a template, you can invite specific people to collaborate on it, or share a visitor link so clients or session participants can take a look.

Organizing your templates

Once you’ve added templates to your workspace, you’ll want to organize them so you can find what you need easily and speed up your design process.

On the Templates tab in the left-hand sidebar, you can view all of your available templates. You can also choose to see the templates in your Private or Team workspaces.

You can also search for a template by using the search bar, and sort your templates by tag, duration, Last created, or alphabetically.

When creating your own templates, you can use the pre-defined tags or create your own to make it easy to filter by topic, purpose or format.

You might use tags for certain workshop or meeting styles, or for purposes like idea generation or team building. Grouping templates together in this way is especially useful in a Team workspace so that colleagues and contributors can find the correct template for their needs.

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