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Session Planner overview
Session Planner overview

Create a session and begin to build an agenda

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Sessions are the core of SessionLab: each session represents a workshop, training or meeting agenda, where reusable blocks represent each module of your sessions and colour-coded categories help you to give a quick overview of the interaction and style of your session.

You can easily rearrange your sessions in the Session Planner; just drag-and-drop your modules and your overall timing will update accordingly. When you create a block in SessionLab, the block becomes searchable and reusable in any other sessions on your workspace.

Creating a session

You can create a session from your homepage by clicking on the ‘New session’ button. When you click on the ‘New session’ button’, a pop-up will appear asking whether you’d like to create a new session from scratch, or use / modify one of the pre-existing workshop templates in our library.

If you choose ‘Blank’, an empty new session will appear in a new tab in your browser, and you can start working on your workshop agenda in the Session Planner.

Alternatively, you are also able to duplicate sessions from your dashboard. As a free user, you are able to duplicate your own sessions, while as a Pro or Business user you can duplicate any session from your workspace.

Session Planner layout

When you create a new session, you're first asked to add a session title, date, starting time and goal, along with the option to create a session with AI


After filling in this information, you'll start with a blank canvas, aside from an introduction block which will help you to get started.

This is the Session Planner and it has 3 main areas:

Left-hand sidebar: Gives you a time-proportional overview of the interaction and style of your session with the colour coding you have set up

Middle: the actual session where you will see the blocks of your agenda

Right-hand sidebar: The sidebar on the far right of the screen allows you to change the functionality of right side of your screen:

  • Session info: See the basic information about the session, such as dates, client and description. Here you may adjust the colour coded category tags

  • Parking lot: park the blocks which you may or may not wish to add into the agenda you’re creating, without them adding to your session's timing

  • Library: find blocks and add them to your agenda from other sessions or from the library

  • Comments: Read and respond to comments from your collaborators. Comments can be made to a specific block or to the session in general

  • Attachments: Get an overview of files attached to all blocks of the session

  • Block details: You might add more detailed instructions for certain blocks that are less practical to have in the table view of the agenda, and more suitable in a separate view. You can also specify here the Goals and Materials you need for the block and attach files

  • Activity log: See what your collaborators have changed since you last logged in

  • AI Assistant: describe the context of the activity you need, and the AI assistant will suggest to you specific activities

As your session is built from ‘blocks’ in SessionLab, the first step when you have a new session is to begin to add new session blocks. You can do this by clicking on the green ‘Create block’ button.

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