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Are you looking for a way to kick-start your session preparations and start from a full session design instead of a blank canvas?

Apart from duplicating your own session plans, you can also find inspiration in the template library of SessionLab. Templates are available both publicly and privately, and you can see both options in more detail here:

Public template library

You can find a set of publicly available workshop templates in SessionLab. These are workshop plans created by expert facilitators who’ve shared their proven facilitation outlines with the community. You can browse among public templates, review these facilitation plans and also find detailed information about when and how to use these session formats.

If you would like to contribute to the public template collection and submit one of your own session plans to appear for the public audience, please get in touch with us and we are happy to guide you through the process.

Your workspace's templates

By default, any template you create in SessionLab is private, and visible only to yourself and the other members of the workspace where it was created.

When you create a template from a session in a workspace, that template will be accessible only to you and your workspace members. If you have a session template that you want your colleagues to find easily, you don’t need to use various naming conventions to mark it. Just add it as a template, and your teammates will know they can find it in your workspace template library.

Views for Public, and shared templates

When you log in to SessionLab, you have a set of views available to browse your templates from your homepage:

  • All templates view: The default view for templates from the left sidebar, containing both the public and your own private templates

  • Your Workspace's templates: These templates are visible only to yourself and anyone you've invited to your workspace.

  • Public Templates: A list filtered down only to public templates. These are available to anyone using or visiting SessionLab.

Search and filter templates

There a wide range of workshop templates in our public collection, ranging from problem-solving to team building to strategy sessions. If you want to narrow down for a specific topic and duration, you can use the filter and search options in the header:

  • Filter by tags

  • Free text search via the Search bar that will search in the title, tags and description of the template

  • Filter by the duration of the template.

Are you looking for a problem-solving workshop agenda that takes less then a half day to run? See the example below how to find it:

Create a new session from a Template

If you find a template useful, you can make a copy of it for yourself by clicking on the 'Create Session' button: this will create a new session on your Personal or Team workspace (depending on your choice) and allow you to work further freely based on the template. The session you create will be a new instance and it will not affect the template you copied from.

Alternatively, you can click on the 'Create Session' button on the template's preview card to copy the template and begin working on your own version.

If you’ve used a template, you may also provide your comments on the initial template to let other people know what works particularly well when delivering this session, or what others should watch out for.

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