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Designing an agenda with inspiration from AI
Designing an agenda with inspiration from AI

Use support from the AI Assistant to generate and refine your agenda

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With SessionLab's AI Assistant, there’s no need to start your session design from scratch. Simply describe your session’s goals and time constraints and it generates a draft agenda for you in a minute.

You are then able to refine the output either yourself or by asking the AI Assistant to modify the plan it created. Alternatively, you can simply continue the conversation with the Assistant and it’ll guide you through the session creation process.

See the AI-Assistant in action

When can you save time with using the AI Assistant?

  • When you create a new session button, you can choose to generate an initial agenda based on the goals you give.

  • You can amend any existing agenda with a new set of activities.

  • You can simply ask for suggestions over chatting with it, and you can get recommendations about activities or methodologies to apply in different situations.

Note that the AI Assistant will only work with the input you directly provide to it, and does not access other information in your session.

Using the AI Assistant for session-planning tips

You’ll also be able to use the side panel button to have conversation with the AI Assistant. You can ask for advice on the best setup for your workshop, for suggestions on specific content, and even how to manage specific situations within your workshop.

In summary, you’ll be able to bring up any facilitation related topic and ask the AI Assistant for input on it.

AI Assistant request limits

The AI Assistant is a feature of the paid plans, and each user can perform 50 requests per month.

This, however, is shared across your workspace members. One workspace with 4 users will have 200 AI-requests available which can be used by any workspace member.

The AI Assistant feature is still in its Beta testing stage, so we’d welcome any feedback you have at

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