What is a workspace?

A workspace is where the content you create in SessionLab lives.

Everyone has a Personal workspace in SessionLab. The sessions you create here are only visible to you by default. If you collaborate with colleagues and clients, you may share specific sessions with them to co-create and review workshops, meetings, training sessions, and more.

If you closely work together with your colleagues, you might set up or get invited to a Team workspace. The sessions you create here are by default visible to all your fellow team members, and you can still invite other people to individually collaborate on specific sessions.

Once you’ve logged in, you will see a dedicated view for each of your workspaces in the left sidebar, as well as a Home view that shows your most recently modified sessions. This includes sessions from all of your workspaces, and is a great way to see what you might need to work on at a glance.

As a facilitator, you might have your own freelance projects in your personal workspace while you have collaborative projects in a shared team workspace. In SessionLab, you can organize things your way and always have control over your work.

What is a session?

A session is an agenda plan for a workshop, meeting, training, or any other kind of session you might want to design, plan and run. It could be anything from a 1-hour team meeting, or a 10-day long training program.

You can also create a new session by clicking the orange button when you’re in any of your workspaces, or duplicate an existing one to save you needing to begin designing one from scratch. Duplicating a session is a great way of speeding up the design process and iterating on previous workshops or meetings.

You’re able to manage the sessions in your workspace by deleting any sessions you don’t need. When you delete a session from any workspace, the session will be sent to the Trash, where it can be recovered for 30 days before it’s deleted permanently.

How to manage your workspace

Organizing and keeping track of your sessions is a vital part of being an effective facilitator and with SessionLab, we make this easy!

You can easily edit session information, duplicate or delete sessions from your homepage or while working in your personal or team workspace.

In SessionLab, you have control over how your workspace is displayed and sorted. You can choose between a grid or list layout by clicking the appropriate icon next to the New Session button.

List-grid view selector

In the list layout, your sessions are shown in a table, so it becomes easier to have an overview of your sessions and you can also choose to sort by the name, date, client, tags, or last modified field.

List view

Adding a date, client, and tags to your sessions is a great way to easily categorize your sessions and find them easily using the search bar.

Using folders to organize your workspaces

Folders allow you to group sessions together and structure your workspace. You can view and create folders in both your personal or team workspace. You might have folders for particular projects, sub-teams or to better organize groups of workshops, meetings, or events.

You can have separate folders for each of your Personal and Team workspaces so you can keep your various projects and group work separate.

Once you have your folders set-up, you’ll want to use them to organize your sessions and group them together by moving them into the folder.

You can also use this option to move a session from one folder to another or from one workspace to another. This comes in handy when you join a Team workspace and you want to move any of your personal sessions to the Team workspace so they can be shared with your team.

Move session in grid view
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