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Manage different time zones in your session
Manage different time zones in your session

Select a specific time zone for your session, or set the display time zone so any session is displayed in your local time.

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If you’re creating a session which involves collaborators or participants in different time zones, you can define a time zone setting for your session, so other people viewing your session will be able to see your agenda’s timings in their own time zone.

This works through adjusting two options:

  • Session time zone: defines the default time zone for your agenda. This affects everyone opening the session.

  • Display time zone: if the session time zone is set, then any user opening a session is able to adjust the timings displayed to their own time zone. This is a personal setting specific to a certain session.

Users on a Pro or Business plan are able to set a time zone for their session but users on the Free and Individual plans won’t have access to this feature.

Setting and changing the session time zone

It’s useful to set the time zone for your session. Setting this in your session will show the time zone which the session is in, and session editors opening the agenda will see it displayed in the Session info tab on the right side.

The session owner and any collaborator who is invited as an Editor can set or change the time zone for the session by clicking on the ‘Session info’ tab on the right side panel and then clicking on ‘Set time zone’ in order to open the drop down menu of time zones:

In the search bar, search by the city for the time zone you’re looking for. If you don’t find the specific city you’re looking for, you should instead search for other major cities in the same time zone. For example, if you’re searching for ‘Washington D.C.’ and can’t find a result, you should instead search for ‘New York’ which will be in the same time zone. Session owners or editors can also change the time zone in the same way

The display time zone

Once the session time zone has been set, any SessionLab user (session owners, editors, viewers and anyone you share a visitor link with) can also set the display time zone, which will adjust the timings of the session blocks of the agenda in each persons’ selected time zone.

This is displayed at the top of your session:

If you adjust the display time zone for a session, it will only affect your own view. Other users viewing the same session will be able to adjust display times to their own preference.

For example, if a user lives in New York and has been invited to a session which has been created in the UK time zone to begin at 14:00, they can change the display time zone to see what time the parts of the session begin and end.

In this example, I’ve been invited to a session in the UK-time zone. However, if I'm based in New York and would like to see the session’s timings in my local time, I can change the display time zone at the top of the agenda, and the session timings will now be shown in my local time. You’ll see in the below image that this session will begin at 09:00 local time.

Changing the display time zone of the session can be done by clicking on the time zone next to ‘Times shown in’ at the top of the session:

Please note that adjusting the display time zone is only available if a session time zone has been set for the session.

Time zone and daylight saving time

The time zone feature takes into account the daylight savings schedule throughout the year. However, since different regions use daylight saving times differently, if you set the session time zone, it is recommended that you also set the date of the session to make sure that display times will be calculated correctly.

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