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Rename and reorder your days
Rename and reorder your days

How to rename, change the dates, tags, and adjust the order of your day-sessions in a multi-day session

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The new day-sessions you create are automatically assigned a name, but you can change that, together with adding a description and a date for the day-session. You can rename a day-session in two ways.

  • In the Session Planner, open the day-session you’d like to change the name of and click on the Session Info tab on the right-hand sidebar. Here you’ll find the description of the multi-day session at the top, and the description of the day-session underneath. Click on the title of the day-session to edit the text.

You can also edit the name of your session in the Overview. First, click on the ‘Overview’ button, and then on the edit symbol at the top of the day-session where you’d like to change the name.

Change the date, client, tags or description in your day-sessions

When you create a multi-day session, the day-sessions will automatically inherit the client and tags from the multi-day (parent) session, but not the description. So if you want to change any of this information for the day session, just click on the Info tab in the right-hand sidebar and edit the description of the session. Now you’ll be able to change the name, date, client, tags and description of the day-session.

Tip: The date of the multi-day session is always calculated from the dates of the day-sessions: it will show a range of the earliest and latest day-session’s date.

When you’ve finished editing, just click on ‘Done’. Your changes are automatically saved as you type, so if you navigate away without clicking on Done, your changes will stay saved.

Change the order of your days

The order of your days are automatically set by the date of each day-session; the one with the earliest date will be the first and the one with the latest date will be the last one.

If your day-sessions have no dates set, then they’ll be ordered based on their naming convention (first they’ll be sorted sequentially by numbers, and then they’ll be sorted alphabetically).

The easiest way to move the order of your days is to assign the proper dates for your sessions which you can read more about in the article above.

You can also move the order of the days in the Overview by clicking on the 'edit' button on the day's header and assigning a date.

in the Overview - move the order of different days

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