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Customize the Session Planner using Flexible blocks
Customize the Session Planner using Flexible blocks

Choose to show and hide various fields of your session blocks, and manage how your agenda appears on-screen

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With the most recent update, we have made some changes to how your SessionLab session planner looks.

The blocks within your session now have a new look, allowing you greater flexibility over how your agenda appears in the session planner. Each field of a block can now be displayed in a column, giving you a table-style view of your entire agenda. You will be able to choose which columns, and the amount of details, you would like to be shown in the planner.

When you first open the planner, you will notice a pop-up notification introducing you to the new Flexible blocks.

By clicking the ‘Show me’ button, you will see your session planner transform.

Changes that the Flexible blocks introduce

In the default view, you will still see 2 columns, but on the side menu ('Session settings') you are now able to choose how many other columns you would like to be shown. This will be applied to all the blocks in your session (including blocks in Groups and Breakouts).

Here, you can click the eye icon next to any of the column names to hide or show that specific column. This will give you more control over how the information is displayed in your session planner.

You are also able to adjust the size of each column, by dragging the right edge of the column left or right.

You will find the comment icon under the 'Title and Description' column of your blocks. This icon will be visible while hovering over the specific block, if there are no comments added, and it will be completely visible when there are already comments added to that specific block.

To assign a user to a block, please make sure that the ‘Assigned to’ column is visible in the planner. Then you will be able to click the ‘Assign a person’ icon to assign a collaborator to a specific block. Please note, you will need to have invited a collaborator to your session in order to assign that person to a block in your agenda.

Groups and Breakout blocks are now collapsable. If you click the arrow next to the Group name, you will be able to expand or collapse the Group or Breakout section.

Will the changes be reflected on my Word/PDF Export?

Note that the changes you make in the planner will not affect the look of your export. You will still be able to control how your PDF export looks by using the current PDF export options.

When I enter a new session, or share a session with a collaborator, will the settings I applied to the block view previously still be visible?

The view of your session planner is user-specific, so if you change the look of your session planner by choosing to hide or show certain columns, this will not change the view for your collaborators.

However, your choices will be remembered, and the next time you open this session, you will see the columns you had previously selected to be visible.

The option for Flexible blocks will only be available for users who are logged in. Therefore, if you share a session via the Visitor Link (which allows collaborators to view your session without needing a SessionLab account) please note that your colleagues will see the classic block view.

Can I return to the classic block view?

By clicking the ‘Switch planner version’ you can go back to the classic version of the session planner.

The new Flexible blocks is a beta version, so you may find some minor issues with the feature. Please feel free to let us know of anything you run into, as well as your thoughts and feedback on the new flexibility in the session planner!

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