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Multi-day session overview
Multi-day session overview

Create separate days within your session, merge session plans and extract a day from a multi-day session

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Are you planning a workshop or training session which spans longer than a day? With the multi-day agenda functionality in SessionLab, you can create separate days (day-sessions) within one session so you can design a session which spans over multiple days.

Each new day is displayed on a different tab, and you are able to display your whole multi-day session in the Overview with one click on the ‘Overview’ button.

A multi-day session is shown as one session on your dashboard, and when you invite collaborators to your multi-day session, then your collaborators automatically get access to all day-sessions as well.

In the Overview, you can hover your cursor over any block and you'll see an 'Open' button appear. Clicking on this will allow you to edit any of your block's details (description, additional information, goals, instructions, materials, background, add a comment or upload an attachment) without needing to go to the Day View.

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