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Merge existing session plans into one multi-day session
Merge existing session plans into one multi-day session

Create one multi-day session from already existing session plans

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You can merge any sessions which already exist into one multi-day session. This might be particularly useful if you've previously created separate sessions for a workshop that spanned over several days.

In order to do this, first open one of the sessions you want to merge, and navigate to the Overview by clicking on the ‘Overview’ button in the header.

Once you have the session open in the Overview, load the other session you want it to be merged with by clicking on the ‘Go to Multi Plan View’ button on the right side of the screen, and selecting the session. This way you can load any sessions you have access to in the Multi Plan View.

When you’ve opened the session(s) you want to merge, click on ‘More options’ icon (the three vertical dots) and select the ‘Join multi-day…’ option: (If you have multiple sessions open in the Multi Plan View, you are able to select which one you want to merge with)

As a result, a multi-day session will be created which automatically takes the name of the first day-session. You can simply change the name of the multi-day session here in the Multi Plan View by clicking on the title, and also change the name of the day-sessions if you click on the Edit icon.

Please bear in mind that for all the actions described in this article, you need to be either the owner of each session involved, or have team admin rights if the affected sessions are in a team workspace.

Follow this process to merge existing separate sessions into one multi-day session. If you're looking instead to copy a day from an existing agenda into another agenda, this article will tell you how to do that

Collaborator rights in multi-day sessions

When you invite collaborators to a multi-day session, then the collaborator rights you assign will be applied for each day-session. Currently, you aren’t able to set different collaborator rights for each of the day-sessions in your multi-day agenda.

If you merge different sessions together into one multi-day session, then the collaborator rights will be added to the multi-day session and then populated back to each day-session.

For example, if you want to merge Session A where you invited Frank as an editor, and Session B where you invited Anna as a viewer, then Frank will become an editor and Anna will become a viewer of both the multi-day session and for its day-sessions Session A and Session B.

When you remove a collaborator from the multi-day session, then consequently they will be removed from all day-sessions as well.

Add any existing session plans into a multi-day session

Did you accidentally extract one of your day-sessions from your multi-day agenda?

If you want to add any of your already existing session plans into an existing multi-day session, then you can follow the same process as when merging sessions: open the sessions you want to combine in the Multi Plan View, and on the session you want to merge, select the Join multi-day option.

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