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AI-assisted block generation
AI-assisted block generation

Planning your workshop activities with the help of AI

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If you are looking for inspiration when designing engaging workshop activities, try the new AI-assisted block creation tool in your agenda.

With this feature, you can describe the goal and the context of the activity you need, and the AI assistant will suggest to you specific workshop activities on how to achieve your goal, with step-by-step detailed instructions included.

You will be able to keep regenerating the suggestions until you find an activity that you want to use, and then you can tweak that further to your liking.

This is ideal if you:

  • Are looking for new methods to achieve the same goals;

  • Need to adjust a process based on constraints you have - e.g. you need a physical activity with a stress ball included;

  • Want an activity with a specific tone and style for your group;

  • Are feeling stuck and need inspiration;

  • Are looking to save time on searching for an activity online.

If you would like to use this feature, then click on the + Add Block button in your agenda and choose AI-generated block:

Another block will be created where you can tell the AI the goal of your activity, after clicking the Generate Activity button, see how that goal will be turned into a detailed action plan.

Your activity will be generated after a couple of seconds. Once this is done, you can generate another activity and choose which one suits you the best, or continue planning your agenda by adding more blocks.

You will be able to edit the generated activity after you decide to keep it.
Here is how it works:

How many AI responses can I have?

There is a limit of 10 responses per month on the Individual plan, 50 responses per month on the Pro plan, and 200 responses per member per month on the Business plan. One generation counts as one response.

This limit will reset at the beginning of each month.

The monthly limit for AI-generated blocks applies to the sessions under the account.
This means that if you are a collaborator on sessions, the AI-generated blocks that you create will apply toward the limit of the owner of the session. A workaround for this would be generating the blocks in your (owned by you) session and then copying the blocks to a session that you are editing (where you are invited as a collaborator).

The AI generation feature is available on Pro and Business plans (and their trials).
We are utilizing ChatGPT for this experimental feature. Only the prompt you create will be sent to ChatGPT and no existing content of your session will be shared.

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