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Creating groups of blocks in the Library
Creating groups of blocks in the Library

Add groups of blocks to your private or shared library

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If you have several blocks that should belong together (e.g. because they are related to the same topic and they should run after each other in your session) you are able to group blocks together. The benefit of doing this is that you can drag and drop groups so you’ll be able to easily move a whole group of blocks around in your agenda. You can read more about creating groups here.

You may like to add such groups to your library in order to re-use them easily in the future. In the same way you would add individual blocks to your library of workshop activities, you can also add groups of blocks to your private or team library.

How to add a Group of Blocks to your private or shared library?

Once you’ve created a group which you’d like to add to your library, click on the dotted menu icon in the upper left corner of the group, select the ‘Add to library’ option and choose where you’d like to save the method from the list of libraries you have access to.

Please note that adding groups which contain a breakout session to the library is currently not supported

The group you added to the library will now be visible from the respective workspace's library.

From this screen, you’ll be able to click on ‘Use method’ to add the method to a session. It will also be searchable from the search function within the session planner.

How to edit a Group of Blocks within the library?

After you have added the group into the library, you can click on the ‘edit’ button to add or adjust the dedicated information to the group, such as a description, goal, materials, instructions or attachments.

The group’s child blocks within the group are marked with orange numbers to represent their order. You can click on the ‘open’ button on any of these blocks to view or edit their dedicated information as above. The timing of a child block will show a summary of the minimum - maximum time recommended for the activity, and this will also be reflected in the overall group timing.

Materials and attachments which you add to the individual blocks within a group will not be visible when you view the group as a whole, but will be visible when you open the individual blocks within the group.

Please note that you can edit the overall group and it’s child blocks, but currently you’re unable to add or remove child blocks from existing library groups. Please see further below for tips on how to edit the child blocks of your group.

Can I create groups directly in the library?

Currently the only way to have a group of blocks appearing in the library is to add them from your session the way described.

At this stage, you cannot yet set up a new group from scratch in the library, and neither can you add or remove blocks from an existing group.

So if you have previously added a group to the library, and you want to add an extra child block into it, the best way is to go back to the source of the group to the session where you initially created it, amend it as you wish, and then add it as a new instance to the library.

If you wish to be able to create and amend groups directly in the library, please write to so we can be aware whether there is a need for this functionality.

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