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How to use Groups in your sessions
How to use Groups in your sessions

Use groups to link a series of blocks together and make the process of moving and reusing them easy

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If you have several blocks that should belong together – e.g. because they are related to the same topic and they should run after each other in your session, you are able to group blocks together. The benefit of doing this is that you can drag and drop groups so you’ll be able to easily move a whole group of blocks around in your agenda.

You can create groups by clicking on the plus button on the icon on the left of any block and choosing 'Group'. The empty group will be added below that block:

After you create an empty group, you can drag your blocks into the group and the duration of your group will be calculated automatically based on the duration of the blocks within it.

Group blocks can also be collapsed. If you click the arrow next to the Group name, you will be able to expand or collapse the Group.

If you want to fix the starting time of a group, you can similarly lock its starting time just like for any other regular blocks.

Additionally, you can also find and reuse whole groups of blocks when you search for content from other sessions.

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