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Block details to record extra information in your blocks
Block details to record extra information in your blocks

Add further details to your blocks, such as goals, materials, longer instructions and attachments

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With Flexible blocks, you are able to control which fields of your blocks are visible in the session planner.

After clicking on the Session settings button, you’re able to choose which fields to show and hide in the planner by clicking on the eye symbol.

However, if you would like a different view of the information about your blocks, like goals, list of materials needed, or instructions, you can find the Block details view by clicking on the diagonal arrow icon on the right side of any block.

Ther is another way to access the Block details, by first clicking on the grip icon, then 'Block details' and the side panel will open for you to add background content.

Accessing Block details to add attachments in the Flexible block view

The information you add to the Block details section will also appear on the exports you create. It will appear in the detailed view and there are some customization options in the PDF and Word printout table view. (You can find out more about this in the specific support article about PDF and Word exports).

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