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Adding attachments to your session
Adding attachments to your session

Add attachments to the blocks in your session, which can be downloaded as a ZIP file by collaborators

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The Session Planner allows you to attach files to any blocks in your session. You can do this by navigating to the Block details view for the block you want to attach to (by clicking on the sideways arrow icon to the right of the block), and then you can choose between 4 options to attach:

  • Attach from your computer (uploading directly to SessionLab)

  • Attach from Google Drive (linking the file to your session from your Google Drive account)

  • Attach from Dropbox (linking the file to your session from your Dropbox account)

  • Attach from Office 365 (linking the file to your session from your Office 365 / Sharepoint account)

Accessing Block details to add attachments in the Flexible block view

When you upload a file to a block, the attachment will stay associated with that block if you move or copy that block within the same session or even to other sessions, until you remove the attachment from the block.

If you upload a file from your computer, then it will be uploaded to SessionLab’s servers, while if you upload from Google Drive/Dropbox/Sharepoint/Office 365, then only a link will be created. Therefore in this latter case, the file will not be stored within SessionLab, and any changes you make to the attachment within your Google Drive or Dropbox (etc) account will be reflected in the file you uploaded.

There is no technical size limit per attachment, but very large files will take a long time to both upload and download.

Can I add an attachment to the session as a whole, rather than to an individual block?

Currently, there is not yet an option to add an attachment to a session in general; you can only attach files to specific blocks. If you attach any files to a session plan, you can get an overview of all attachments if you click on the paperclip icon (‘Attachments tab’) on the right-side panel.

On the same tab, you can find a ‘Download all’ button that will create a zip file with all the files attached to your session, if you’d like to download your attachments. Please keep in mind that this zip file will only contain the files that you uploaded to SessionLab from your computer and not the files that you linked via Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

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