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Creating notes and parking your unused blocks
Creating notes and parking your unused blocks
Add and remove notes, and park blocks in the Notes tab
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You’ll find the Parking Lot tab on the right-hand sidebar of the Session Planner.

The Parking Lot tab is a place where you can add any ideas as notes, and also put your unused blocks to keep them in a ‘parking lot’. The items listed here do not add to your agenda’s timing, nor will they show on a PDF or Word export of your session. It is simply an area where you can note down ideas and drag them into your agenda if you wish, as well as park your blocks which you may or may not wish to add into the agenda you’re creating.

Adding notes

To access the notes area, click on the ’Parking Lot’ icon on the right side toolbar (the uppermost tab in the right sidebar), and you’ll be able to begin adding your ideas or thoughts into the notes panel. You can add additional notes by clicking on the ’New note’ button.

You can also create a Note directly in your agenda by choosing the Note option when you click on the plus menu on the upper left side of any block. This is a practical way to add any remarks concerning the general preparations or logistics for your session.

Deleting notes

To delete a note or an activity block from the notes section, click on the dotted menu in the top left corner of the note or block and select ‘delete’.

Duplicating a note

In the same drop down menu, you can choose to duplicate a note and it’ll appear below the note you chose to duplicate.

Copied blocks appearing in the Notes area

If you add any blocks from the public library or from your private library into the notes area, or copy a note, block, or group of blocks from one session to another, then the copied blocks will initially appear in the Notes area.

Moving notes and blocks to and from your agenda

Click and hold on the dotted icon on the left side of a note to easily drag and drop it into your session. You’ll be able to drag and drop your notes to position them in the appropriate place between the different blocks in your session.

Please note: Notes cannot yet be dragged into groups or parallel rooms, however, they can now be included in your session export.

Notes in your agenda will not add to the overall timing of your session, nor will they be shown in the mini-map on the left-side, but you can choose whether or not you want them to be included in the PDF export of your session.

You’re able to add rich text formatting to your notes, but adding inline images to notes is currently not supported

You can drag and drop an activity block from the notes section into your agenda. Activity blocks which have a duration in the agenda will add to your overall session timing and be visible on all your exports.

Adding notes to agenda

Note visibility

Notes in your session plan are visible to all session collaborators - viewers, editors and session owners. However notes in the notes area in the right-side panel are only visible to the session owner and collaborators with editor rights. Collaborators with viewer rights will not see notes in the notes area.

Parking lot

If you think that a certain block should be removed from the agenda but you are not yet sure whether you want to delete it permanently, you can drag it to the notes area to park it. When you do so, your timing will be automatically updated as the blocks in the notes area do not count towards the overall time of your agenda.

The Notes tab is a great way to store any backup activity for your session. For example, in case you need an extra icebreaker activity during your session, you may just pre-select and park an activity into the Notes tab. If it turns out that you need it during the session, you can simply drag and drop it to the right place of your agenda.

Please keep in mind that the Notes tab is separate for each day-session within a multi-day-session.

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