When you create a team, you’ll be able to add five team members to it. Your team admin can add further seats in the ‘Account & Billing’ tab of your team settings. You may also wish to grant admin rights to any members of your team or choose to remove any team members who no longer need access to the team workspace, library and template collection.

To manage the members of your team, click on the dropdown list next to your name and click on your team name under the header “My teams”.

Adding members to your team

On the Members tab of your team account page, you can invite your colleagues to join your team by clicking on the ‘Add Member’ button. If your colleagues already have a SessionLab account and you’ve collaborated with them on a session previously, then their name will appear when you begin to type it in the search bar. If not, you will need to type their full email address.

If they don’t yet have a SessionLab account, then your invitation email will ask them to first create an account. When they create an account with the email address you invited, they will automatically get access to your team workspace.

On this same tab you see an overview of your team members’ invitation status to your team and their contribution to the team’s private library:

  • How many sessions they have created in the team workspace (Sessions Owner)

  • To how many sessions they are invited with editor rights in the team workspace (Sessions Editor)

  • To how many sessions they are invited with viewer rights in the team workspace (Sessions Viewer)

  • How many methods they have added to your team’s private library (Methods Created)

  • The date they were added to the Team (Joined Date)

If you have a large number of members in your team, you can use the search bar to search for a specific team member’s statistics.

How do I assign admin rights or remove team members?

At the same place in your Team account settings, you are able to assign admin rights to any of your team members or remove them from the team altogether. Admins are able to invite further members to the team, change the team logo and edit the default category colors which are added to new sessions created in your team workspace.

Change rights

If you remove a member from your team, you will be able to choose from 3 options regarding how they should keep (or not keep) having access to the sessions they created. They can remain an editor or viewer to the sessions, or lose access entirely to the sessions they created.

In either case, if you remove a team member, the ownership of their sessions will be automatically transferred to you, so their sessions won’t be lost.

Remove a member from your team

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