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Task management - keep yourself organised in SessionLab
Task management - keep yourself organised in SessionLab

Create check-box lists in your session, and view a summary of their completed / uncompleted status

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Remembering all the things you need to prepare for a session can be overwhelming. Adding a check-box list in your SessionLab agenda is ideal for creating a to-do list and keeping track of what’s been done and what is still to be completed.

You can apply check-box formatting by using the rich-text formatting option, and it is available in the Description and the Additional Information fields of any block in your session, as well as in your Notes.

To apply a check-box list to content in your session, first highlight the text you wish to change into a task list, then click on the second-from-right option from the formatting menu to apply the check-box formatting. Clicking again on this will remove it.

Alternatively, you can apply the formatting before you create a list, by clicking on the little plus icon and choosing the task list option in the Description or Additional Information field of any block, or in any Note.

View a summary of all the tasks in your session

In the ‘Session Info’ tab, you can access a summary of all the To-Do items throughout each day of your agenda, giving you a summarised view of all the checked and unchecked tasks throughout your workshop.

You can click on the drop-down icon to filter your view so only the Completed or Uncompleted tasks are visible, or choose to see all your tasks together.

Please note that the Session Info tab will only show you the tasks for the current day of your session. If you’re working on a multi-day agenda, the Session Info panel for each day will only show you that day’s task list.

At the moment, there is not an option to include your task lists on your PDF or Word exports, but if you would find this feature useful, please reach out to our support team with a short note about your use-case.

A short overview of using check-box formatting

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