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Recover deleted blocks, rooms, notes and groups
Recover deleted blocks, rooms, notes and groups

Never accidentally lose your work again - reinstate items which were previously deleted back into your session

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If you’ve deleted a part of your session and you would like to restore the deleted content, then the recovery feature will be able to help. Blocks, groups, notes and parallel rooms can all be recovered via the Activity log.

The session owner or any collaborator invited with editor rights are able to restore blocks. Session viewers or those with a visitor link are not able to delete or restore content from the session, and are not able to view the Activity log.

SessionLab users on all plans, including the Free plan, have the ability to restore deleted content.

Accessing and viewing deleted items

You can open the Activity log by clicking on the corresponding button on the right-side of the session planner. Here you’re able to see a log of which blocks you and your collaborators have created, amended, deleted or restored.

Restoring deleted items

You can restore deleted blocks by clicking on the ‘Restore’ button next to the item which you or a collaborator had previously deleted.

The content will be restored to the bottom of the session it was deleted from.

Currently, you can only restore blocks which have been created at least 10 minutes prior to deletion.

Items can be restored up to three days since they were first deleted – after this time you won’t be able to recover the content.

Restoring groups, Breakout Rooms and the blocks within them

If you delete a block which was part of a Breakout Room or a group, then when you restore the block it’ll be added back into the group or room from where it was deleted, and always at the bottom.

If the entire breakout session, parallel room or group has been deleted too, any blocks restored which were previously inside of it will instead appear as a stand-alone block at the bottom of your agenda.

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