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Payment problems and how to resolve them
Payment problems and how to resolve them

Find a solution to the most common payment issues

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In case you experience any trouble while upgrading for a SessionLab plan or updating your payment details, here you can find an overview of the most common issues and how they can be resolved.

If your payment attempt fails, most of the time it will be accompanied with a specific error message that you will see on the checkout page:

Example of a Do Not Honor error

Below you can find troubleshooting steps for each error option. However, if you’re still having trouble, please reach out to us at and we’ll be happy to look into what could be causing your issue and help solve it.

‘Do Not Honor’ or ‘Processor Declined’ error messages

These error messages indicate that your bank is unwilling to accept the transaction and you’ll need to contact your bank for more details.

Occasionally we’ve seen examples with these error codes appearing when there are some restrictions on cards for foreign transactions. Therefore, if you receive this error please contact your bank to inquire about how to lift the restriction on your card.

‘The data passed in `verifyCard` did not pass validation checks’ error message

A reason for this error is when any field of the billing address you’ve entered uses more than 50 characters.

Therefore if you receive this error message, please try upgrading with a shorter address line, and moving any necessary address content to the next line instead.

You can use an online character count tool to check if a line of your address fits under 50 characters.

‘Authenticate failed’ error message

This error is related to the 3D Secure checkout process, and it occurs when an incorrect 3D Secure password is entered, or it took too long to enter a password value and the 3D Secure authentication has timed out. In this case, please attempt the transaction again.

If you repeatedly receive this error:

  • If you have not seen an additional 3D Secure authentication step after pressing the ‘Confirm payment’ button, please contact us for further assistance.

  • If you do see the 3D Secure authentication step, but keep getting this error, please check that your 3D Secure authentication method for online payment is properly set up at your bank.

‘Authenticate_unable_to_authenticate’ error message

This error is also related to the 3D Secure checkout process, and indicates that an error has occurred with the card-issuing bank that caused the 3D Secure authentication to fail. Please retry the transaction.

The provided VAT number is not valid. Please double check your data and try again' error message

If - as a customer from Europe - you enter a VAT number during the upgrade process, our system will check it against the official EU VAT checker service.

This error message means the VAT ID you’ve entered is not recognised as a valid EU VAT number. If you have a VAT number, please check if it is valid in the EU VAT checker service. You can find some guidance here on how an EU VAT number may look like from your country. The format typically does not include hyphens, spaces or other characters.

In case you don't have a VAT number recognised by the EU, you may upgrade without a VAT ID and get billed with your country's local VAT rate.

'There was a problem with calculating the price'

If you've received this error message, it's likely that there has been a problem with the price calculation performed by our payment processor. Please contact our support to fix it.

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