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Print an overview of all the days of your multi-day session

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If you’ve been working on a multi-day session, you may wish to print your session in a view similar to what you see in the ‘Overview’ screen which shows you a clear zoomed-out overview of all the days in your agenda.

How to print the Overview

In the Session Planner, click on ‘Export’ and choose the ‘Print / PDF’ option.

If you are in the Overview view, navigate back to the single day view by clicking on the three dots next to the session title and choosing ‘Go back to Day View ’title of any of the days in your agenda.

On the Print Preview Screen, you can choose ‘Day Overview’ from the preset dropdown menu to print just one day of your multi-day session, or choose ‘Multi-Day Overview’ to print a high-level overview with all the days in your agenda, similar to what you can see in the Overview. Please note that the Multi-Day Overview option won’t appear for sessions which do not consist of more than one day.

You can read more here about printing a single day of a multi-day session.

Print Preview Screen, Multi-Day Overview

Finally, you can choose to ‘Save PDF’ - this will open a new window displaying your PDF where you can choose to download or print the file.

Save Multi-Day PDF or choose to print

Otherwise you can choose to ‘Print’ and the pop up window will show you your available printers, or you can choose to ‘Save as PDF’ from the Destination drop down menu.

How to scale a bigger multi-day session to fit onto one page

In case you have a multi-day session that has more than 3 or 4 days, or if any of the days have more blocks than what the default paper size would allow to fit, then your Multi-Day Overview printout would end up being printed/saved to multiple pages.

If you want the whole agenda to be on one page, you can adjust either the Paper size or the Scale settings in the advanced print settings. You can achieve this by clicking on Print and then:

  • If you are on a Mac then there currently isn’t a way to scale the whole agenda, but we’re looking into making this possible for you in the near future

  • If you are on Windows, make sure that the Destination of your print settings is ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ (the ‘Save as PDF’ option will not contain the settings you need), and under ‘More settings’, you can find the Paper size and Scale options

Windows work around for scaling

Adjusting Print settings to scale into one page on Chrome on Windows

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