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Exporting your sessions - Printouts
Printing one day of a multi-day session
Printing one day of a multi-day session

Print just one day of your multi-day session

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If you’ve been working on a multi-day session, you may wish to print only a single day of your multi-day agenda.

In the session planner, click on ‘Export’ and choose the ‘Print / PDF’ option. If you are in the Overview view, navigate back to the Day-view by clicking on the three dots next to the session title and choosing ‘Go back to Day View'.

On the Print Preview screen, you can choose ‘Day Overview’ from the preset dropdown menu to print just one day of your multi-day session:

Under the ‘Days’ menu, you can choose which day you’d like to export the information for, or you can choose ‘All’.

Finally, you can choose to ‘Save PDF’ - this will open a new window displaying your PDF where you can choose to download or print the file.

Saving to PDF

Otherwise you can choose to ‘Print’ and the dialog window will show you your available printers, or you can choose to ‘Save as PDF’ from the Destination drop down menu.

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