If you can’t find a session, there may be a number of reasons for this. We’ll cover each one here along with the steps you can take to resolve them.

  • Has your account recently changed to the Basic plan from a Pro Plan or trial? Your sessions may be locked. If you were in the trial period of the Pro plan and you have reverted to the Basic plan, or if you’ve downgraded from a paid subscription then your sessions may currently be locked.

  • Were you part of a trial Team workspace, where the trial is now over? The session may be under a suspended team - if you were in the trial period of the Team plan which is now over, then your session may still remain in the suspended team workspace. The team admin should either upgrade to the Team plan or cancel the Team through the ‘Account & Billing tab of the Team settings

  • Do you have multiple SessionLab accounts? If you’ve signed up to SessionLab with your email address, but upon returning you signed up using one of the third party authentication options (e.g. logging in with LinkedIn) - then you’ll have two separate accounts in SessionLab. If you get in touch with us, we can help you confirm which accounts you have with us

  • Do you know the subscription status of the session owner? It may be that the session owner isn’t on a paid plan anymore. If you were invited to a session as a collaborator, then the owner would have needed to be on the Pro or Team plan, or in the trial period of either plan in order to have shared the session with you. If the owner has since downgraded their subscription, or their trial period has expired, then the session shared with you will be longer be accessible

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