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The library method approval process
The library method approval process

An optional approval workflow when adding methods to your team library

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It is possible to enable an approval workflow for a workspace's library, so new library blocks would need to be approved before becoming visible for all workspace members.

This feature is available for Organisational team libraries and for Enterprise plans, and it is not turned on by default. If you prefer to enable the approval workflow described below in your library, please contact our support.

This short video will give you an overview of the approval process:

If you have the approval workflow enabled in your organisation’s team library, then every new library method you create (or add from a session to the library) will initially be in Draft state. Methods in Draft state are only visible to the creator of the block, and not for anyone else with access to the workspace.

Draft state method

If you open a method that is in Draft state, then you’ll notice a ‘Submit for Approval’ button which will allow you to send the block for approval.

Submit for approval

Once the method has been submitted for approval, it will remain in a Pending state until it is approved or rejected by one of the admins of your team.

The Pending methods can be listed using the state filters after clicking on the ‘Filter’ button in the library.

Your workspace's admin(s) can then decide whether to approve the method (then it will appear for all team members in your team library) or reject the method in which case you will be able to edit the method and re-submit it for approval again.

Currently, there are no notifications set up when a method is pushed into different states of the approval workflow, so the best way to manage the approval process is to have someone from your workspace taking the role of curating your library and then periodically checking if there are any new methods in Pending state, awaiting approval.

This workflow will be the same, regardless of whether you create a library method directly from the library page, or whether you add the method from a session plan.

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