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Adding methods to the library

Add facilitation methods to your private, shared or the public library

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There are two ways to add content to the library: either adding an already created session block to the library from one of your sessions, or creating a method directly in the library:

From a session plan: Click on the dotted menu in the upper left corner of the block that you want to add to your library. Select the ‘Add to library’ option.

In the pop-up window, select where you’d like to save the method from the list of libraries you have access to. When you select your destination, click on Add, and then the block will appear in the relevant library.

From the library:

You can also add facilitation methods to your workspace library by clicking on the ‘Add new resource’ button from the library. Here you can add all the information into the method and choose to save it in your workspace library.

create block in library

If you want to add a new method into the Public library, please follow these guidelines for public library methods.

Can I make my library method publicly available?

If you would like to make your library method publicly available – thus giving access to all SessionLab users to use that method in their session plans – then you can publish your method. In order to do that, open the method in editing mode, and change the toggle switch next to ‘Public?’ If the switch is shown as green, then the method is publicly visible.

Make block public

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