By default, every SessionLab user has access to a Public library of facilitation methods in SessionLab. Contribution to this library is voluntarily possible for any SessionLab user if you want to add knowledge to the public domain.

Every user also has a private library where they can add their favourite personal methods which will only be visible to themselves, while Team users also have access to a private library which is shared with their whole team.

All the content you create in the library is private by default and you can only intentionally set a library method’s visibility to ‘public’ if you want that method to be available to all other visitors of the library. You can find more information here on how to change the visibility of a library method between public and private.

The public library

If you go to the ‘All Methods’ view in the library, there you’ll see all the methods you have access to; all public methods and also your private ones.

The publicly available content in the library is created by renowned organisations or content providers in the facilitation, design and training industries who have approved their content to be featured in the SessionLab public library (e.g. Hyper Island, Thiagi Group, International Association of Facilitators, Liberating Structures, MediaLab Amsterdam, Gamestorming) and from individuals who have submitted their own methods to the library and made them publicly visible.

Public library

Your private library

All SessionLab users can maintain their own library of facilitation techniques by either adding a session block which has already been created to the library from one of your sessions, or creating a method directly in the library. You can read more here about how to add methods to the library.

To access your private library, use the ‘Methods I created’ view in your library.

Private library

Your Team library

If you are a member of a team in SessionLab, you can find your Team library by clicking on the name of your team in the library header.

Team library

Moving library blocks from your Personal library to Team library

If you have a Team subscription and you already have some methods created in your Personal library and you want to make them accessible to your colleagues, you can easily move those methods to your Team library.

Open the ‘Methods I created‘ view in the library and then open any of the library blocks by clicking on them and selecting ‘Edit’. Then you can choose the ‘Add to team’ option and select your Team library.

You can also move library blocks from your Team library to your Personal library in the same way.

Moving blocks to team from personal
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