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How to change payment details
How to change payment details

Update payment information, billing address and change between monthly and annual plans.

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If you'd like to update your payment method or change your billing address, you can do so in the Account & Billing section of your account settings.

Next to your payment method, you'll see the 'Change' button. By clicking on this, you can update your billing address, though you’ll also need to re-enter your card details.

How can I change from monthly to annual billing?

If you want to change from monthly to yearly billing, then you would first need to cancel your current monthly subscription (you can do this at the bottom of the billing section of your account page) and then you can upgrade again but this time selecting annual billing.

This will not cause any service interruption, and the result will be that when your current monthly billing cycle will expire, then you will start your new annual billing cycle.

How can I add a VAT ID to my subscription?

If you didn't add a VAT ID during the plan upgrade process, you can add one. As above, this can be done by clicking on the 'Change' button next to your payment method. You'll need to re-enter your card details and you'll be able to add a VAT ID at the bottom of the page.

Adding a valid European VAT ID will take effect on your subscription price starting from your next billing date.

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