If you are part of a non-profit organisation, and you agree to use SessionLab only for non-profit work, then you qualify for the 50% discount we offer for non-profits and NGOs for the SessionLab Team plan. For the individual Pro plan, we don’t have a non-profit discount available.

You can claim your discount the following way:

  1. Sign up for a free SessionLab account with the email address of the non-profit / NGO you are working for.

  2. Create a trial team workspace

  3. Email us from your non-profit / NGO account with the name of your organisation and the name of the team workspace you have created. Please add a short description of what you would like to use SessionLab for. We'll apply the discount after we verify your details. If necessary, we may ask further details.

If you've been paying for SessionLab, we can't refund or discount payments made before your discount started.

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